Your Rights

Our credo we live by


Privacy is a fundamental human right. It underpins human dignity and other values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech. It has become one of the most important human rights of the modern age.

Privacy is recognized around the world in diverse regions and cultures. It is protected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and in many other international and regional human rights treaties. Nearly every country in the world includes a right of privacy in its constitution. At a minimum, these provisions include rights of inviolability of the home and secrecy of communications. Most recently written constitutions include specific rights to access and control one's personal information. In many of the countries where privacy is not explicitly recognized in the constitution, the courts have found that right in other provisions. In many countries, international agreements that recognize privacy rights such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights or the European Convention on Human Rights have been adopted into law.

The Way We Operate

  • appreciates the privacy rights of each individual who connects and we therefore do not log chats, date & time of connections or IP's of connection.
  • Any information that we do obtain from you will only be retained for the purposes of administration. NickServ, for example, will store your e-mail address in an encrypted database in the event that you may need to recover your password.
  • Your ISP information will not be shown to other individuals, so other users will not know even which country you could potentially come from.
  • We do not protect any other information apart from your IP - if you choose to use your real name and e-mail address on your IRC client, this information will be available for anybody else to see.

GDPR operates within Europe, and thus also complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. With this in mind, we would like to note that:

  • By using this service, and additional supplementary services (for example, NickServ, ChanServ), you consent to us storing and processing any information you choose to share with us, whether it be real or fictitious. This information may include:
    • Your Name, or part thereof
    • Your E-mail Address
    • Your Nickname
  • This information is kept and processed all the time you are logged onto the service, or in the case of supplementary services, kept on file for the duration that your account is active.
  • If you wish to be forgotten (which is your right), please drop your voluntary account registration using /msg nickserv DROP <password>. You will be asked to verify this action with a security code which is provided at the time of request.