The page that is usually not read by anybody

The Fine Print

The information made available by the PrivChat.net over the World Wide Web does not form part of any contract. Changing circumstances may cause PrivChat.net to have to change its provisions at any time. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, PrivChat.net cannot accept responsibility for errors.

Views expressed by our IRC users are not necessarily PrivChat.net's views. Users must remember that channels that might be considered as illegal (either the channel name or its content), are in fact NOT illegal. Talking about an illegal act and actually doing said act are two different things. PrivChat.net does not condone nor will it censor such material that could be construed as illegal. If you spot any illegal content being shared on this network, please inform your local authorities. This network does not host illegal content.

Channels that have been registered with our channel services, are not channels that we support. ChanServ & NickServ, just as IRC, is a service that we offer to our users and in no way do we attempt to censor. Users have the ability to register any channel without exception regardless of whether the channel in question can be viewed as illegal or not, and therefore PrivChat.net cannot not held liable for any channel's name or content that users have registered.

Any action by any user that, in PrivChat.net's IRC Operators sole opinion, restricts or inhibits other users from using and enjoying PrivChat.net, is prohibited. Transmission of material, information or software in violation of any local, state, or federal law is prohibited. PrivChat users specifically agree not to upload, post, or reproduce in any way any materials protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright holder.

Neither PrivChat.net, nor its owners or administrators are responsible for the content transferred to or from PrivChat.net. PrivChat.net is not to be used for purposes contrary to National or International, or Local ordinances, regulations or statutes.